Oasis – Rare & UnReleased: Vol 5 (2010)

Oasis - Rare & UnReleased Vol 5

Álbum: Rare & UnReleased: Vol 5
Año: 2010
Formato/Bitrate: Mp3 – 320kbps
Tamaño: 177.9 MB



1. Roll it Over (Noel on Vocals)
2. Who put the weight of the world on my shoulders
3. Sitting here in silence (on my own)
4. I can see a liar (Noel on vocals)
5. Nothing lasts forever (Echo & the bunnymen feat Liam)
6. Champain supernova (Noel on vocals)
7. Love me & leave me (The seahorses & Liam Gallagher)
8. All the young dudes/ Whatever (Medley)
9. Traffic (Stereophonics feat Noel)
10. Fade in out (Live Noel on vocals)
11. Go let it out (Demo Noel on vocals)
12. Come on (The Verve feat Liam)
13. Put yer money where yer mouth is (Noel on vocals)
14. Shoot down (The Prodigy feat Liam & Noel)
15. Chipper son of a bitch (Radio-Take)
16. Goodbye cold world (Radio-Take)
17. Married with children (Acoustic Noel on vocals)




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